Dionysos NFT art on mintable image

Vaporwave Artworks

This vaporwave art was created with blender and is sold on mintable.

When creating this series I was thinking about the things that influenced my childhood back in the 90s. Since I was already a lot into digital art and gaming back then I got influenced by some of the advertisements the brands I enjoyed a lot when I grew up. 

When I discovered Vaporwave music some years ago I really got hooked by the style that started to get popular and is developing until today. The elements used within this series are meant to give visitor some sort of backflash to the 80s and 90s.

As most of the artworks for Vaporwave media and memes is a mix of 2d and 3d I wanted to stay totally in 3d as it is the occupation I am focused on. All elements are supposed to influence the whole environment. The grainy art style totally on purposed. Not to increase the render performance, but to achieve an even more retro appearance. 

Used software:

Blender Logo

Blender wireframe

A wireframe view on this part of the series

A fruit has been born - 1984 won't be 1984 again

A fruit has been born

And 1984 won’t be 1984 again

1984 is yet like before

1984 is yet like before

It’s classic fruit

OS 8.6 in the night

OS 8.6

A plus for McIntosh

OS92 Image

OS92 Part 1

Give us back our Jobs

OS92 Part 2

Happy Jobs are here again


The bad happening

The Memorial

It all started so well

Critical User

An error of OS

OS grave

The beginning is the end