Learn the basics of Blender and how to create models and environments for the real and virtual space.

Therefor you will learn different nondestructive 3D modeling workflows and how to create highly performant geometry for real time applications. Only if geometry has the right performance, integration within VR experiences can be guaranteed. Besides the digital field, you can also learn workflows for the use in 3d printing and which requirements are needed for a successful print.

The goal of the course is an extensive knowledge to able to safely handle interface, modeling tools, texturing, animation and sculpting of Blender.I not only offer a basic training within Blender, but also the transfer from Autodesk tools like Maya and 3Ds Max and how to adopt workflows within Blender.

As the models are created, we prepare the integration for development environments such as Unity and Unreal or the rendering for product visualizations.

After finishing the course, you will be prepared for a true to scale realization of concepts and templates into 3d models for applications and the virtual space.

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