With Meierdesigns I provide high-quality services to help you achieve the best visual quality. Best models can help with all purposes – Still images or real-time experiences. It’s important to make sure the polycount and draw calls guarantee high performance. Save rendering time and provide a high framerate with well-made game assets – Sharp and realistic textures with optional baked lights.


Creation of animation, geometry, materials and textures according to your ideas or drawings


Optimization of geometry, draw call reduction, environment performance improvement


Essential training on a personal level through video calls and direct help if there are questions after training sessions.



Modeling and animation, according to your ideas or schematics

I help to make your concepts and CAD models become a virtual reality.

To use the model with the best quality possible, we only use performant shaders and efficient textures. An economical polycount, as well as a low amount of draw calls, provide high performance for your real-time experience.

Thanks to the PBR workflow, you can use assets directly within standardized game engines (Unity, Unreal, Godot, etc.) with a realistic look and the same result. I provide you with all the required textures for implementation.

For a preview of the file, the models can be implemented in Adobe Dimension, which is the fastest way to bring your designs to life in 3D.



Geometry and drawcall reduction
Optimizing environment performance improvement

Do you want to improve the performance of your Unity scene? Poor performance stops users from gaining knowledge and experience of your application. In most cases, there are easy mechanisms that improve the speed of your scene.
Profit from our long-standing experience and knowledge to reach the best performance with your Unity application. I analyze your scene and provide you with advice, what changes are required for great performance.

If your scene needs additional assets, I take care of the production and implementation.



Essential training for Blender and Adobe CC

Learn the basics of Blender and how to create models and environments for the real and virtual space.

Therefore you will learn different non-destructive 3D modeling workflows and create highly performant geometry for real-time applications. Only if the geometry has the correct topology and an economic polycount great VR experiences are guaranteed. Besides the digital field, you can also learn workflows for the use of 3d printing and what requirements are needed for a successful print.

The goal of the course is extensive knowledge to be able to safely handle interface, modeling tools, texturing, animation, and sculpting of Blender.
I offer basic training within Blender and the transfer from Autodesk tools like Maya and 3Ds Max and how to adopt workflows within Blender.
As the models are created, we prepare the integration for development environments such as the Unity engine and Unreal engine or rendering for product visualizations.

After finishing the course, you will be prepared for a true-to-scale realization of concepts and templates into 3D models for applications and the virtual space.