Your vision – Crafted carefully!

The Meierdesigns media agency offers a wide spectrum of services in media creation for screen and print design as well as 3D visualization. I help with the preparation and realization of your concept and models for 3D printing, CAD tessellation for the use in real-time experiences, games and print media.

I provide high quality services to help you achieve best visual quality. Best models for every advertisement purpose. Still images or real-time experiences. I make sure that the polycount and draw calls of the delivered are matching the required performance. Save render time and provide a high frame rate with well made game assets with sharp and realistic textures with optional baked lights.

Model creation

Modeling for reatime experiences and renderings


Realtime optimization for game engines


Essential training to learn the software blender


Unity Engine

Real time environments created with Blender, Substance and rendered with raytracing in the Unity HD
render pipeline using the state of the art RTX graphics cards.

Example images of the real-time quality

An art series about vaporwave and retro stylized design.
It’s based on the 1984 themed Apple advertisement.

Logo Meierdesigns eco without text

Meierdesigns Eco is a project that has the focus to promote new economic and ecologic technology to get red off fossil fuels and the excessive carbon dioxide.

Example images of the real-time quality